Peter Lin's Office in Ningbo, China
To serve the Chinese-American community by promoting the sport of golf,
through organized events and activities to encourage unity and foster positive
relations among Chinese communities.
The CAGA was officially registered and established on November 15, 2005,      
recognized by the governing agencies of The United States of America.           
The CAGA’s president shall be the sole representation of the association to
oversee, administer, and execute the association’s plans, events, and policy.
The president can nominate several Chinese-American community leaders as
Committee Members to assist the planning and implementation of the
association’s events and activities.
Membership in the CAGA shall be open to all those, regardless of race or
gender, who are interested in the sport of golf and support the purpose of the
association.  Members shall have privileges including priority registration and
discounts on all CAGA sponsored and hosted events and activities.  
About Us  >Chinese American Golf Association Organization (CAGA)  Charter
1.        Organizing various levels of golf classes and seminars, such as
Advanced Class, Intermediate Class, Introductory Class, and Technical
Seminars to further develop golfing skills, techniques, and etiquette.

2.        Organizing and sponsoring local and regional golf tournaments, retreats,
            and outings.

3.        Forming CAGA Travel Tours to visit China for sponsored golf matches       
           with Chinese business organizations and agencies to facilitate common  
           business interests and goals.

4.        The President of the CAGA shall select and train several men and               
            women members with great potential to become outstanding golf              
            players to represent the CAGA in golf competitions.

5.        During non-golfing months of the year, the members may propose activity
            ideas to the CAGA to organize events such as: dinner gatherings,               
            Karaoke, reunions, etc. to promote communication and interaction             
            among members.

6.        The members are asked to volunteer their professional knowledge,           
            skills, and resources to assist the CAGA in proficiently implementing         
            CAGA events and activities.